Saturday, March 14, 2009

Slightly inebriated in Hermosa

I'm in Hermosa and I guess I didn't get the memo that St. Patrick's Day started three days early. Which means that the streets are filled with white people in green. I'm pretty sure they're not all Irish, and just using this as an excuse to drink. That's bullshit. You shouldn't need an excuse to drink; and you're a loser if you do. I may be alcoholic, but at least I'm an honest alcoholic.

It's an embarrassment. Do these D-bags drink on every ethnic holiday using it as an excuse? Cinco de Mayo? Si. Martin Luther King Jr. Day? I bet these guys pour a forty in the gutter for their fallen homie.

Fuck these guys. If you're ambiguously white, be ambiguously white. Don't try to be the Koreans of Europe.  They got it tough enough as it without your pasty douche ass.

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