Sunday, March 1, 2009

The K-Town Accent

Everybody has heard of different accents like an English or Spanish accent. But has anybody ever noticed the "K-town accent"? If not, if you know a Korean male or female with any of the below characteristics, they will most likely have a K-town accent:
  • Grew up in the LA area (Koreans who grew up in the valley, i.e. Chatsworth, Granada are repeat offenders of the K-town accent)
  • Was born in the States (so they have ABSOLUTELY no reason to have an accent, period. If they came to the States when they were 6+ years and older, they are excused)
  • Goes to Koreatown at least once a weekend to go clubbing (at a Korean club)
  • Smokes cigarettes
  • Only drinks Crown or Patron
  • When you look at their Facebook friends, they don't have a single non-Korean friend, and if they do, he/she is most likely just a work friend
  • REFUSE to befriend non-Koreans (unless they are being pc at the workplace)
  • Definitely own a car whose value is way beyond their means
  • Posts photos on Facebook that only show them at Korean clubs (and there is most likely a Korean in the background smoking)
  • Every other word out of their mouth is "nahhhh" or a cuss word
It is hard to describe this accent but it most resembles a Valley accent. They make each word very short, don't annunciate very clearly, especially the R's and L's. They also tend to make every other word or so, very low in tone (having just a cutesy high-pitched voice is not the K-town accent, she is most likely just a FOB and is trying to be cute). K-town accent-ers also tend to speak fairly fast, most likely always include a "wtf," "oh really" and/or "i was like" in the middle of their sentences.

For example, if I went to a club this weekend and somebody asked me what I did, I would say "I went to this new club with my friends and hung out." A K-town accent-er would most likely answer it like this, "I went to Prince with my girlfriends and they made us pay for valet and I was like, no f* way, WTF?"

If you meet a K-town accent-er, keep an ear out for the way they talk. Of course, if they don't have any of the characteristics above, they most likely will not speak with a K-town accent.

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