Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ken Leung was in X-Men: The Last Stand

It should be a surprise to nobody, but a new X-Men movie comes out this May. Once again shafting Cyclops, the movie will focus on Wolverine, who is like the Wolverine of the X-Men franchise. Mining the source material in ways other movies have not, this one will feature a host of characters both known, obscure, and even some fan-favorites.

Casting has been a mixed bag from the favored fan-casting of Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool to inspired casting like Liev Schreiber as Sabertooth. What is most odd, and in something of a complete reversal of bitching that many Asian-Americans have in regards to the entertainment industry, Daniel Henney will play Agent Zero.

In other words:

will play

who used to look like this (I don't draw this stuff):

who is East German.

For those that get uppity about this sort of thing, it means that a comic book character that is East German is being played by a (half) Asian (Korean) actor. Because race doesn't matter in this case. It's like the Kingpin being played by Michael Clarke Duncan, only without black people.

I just wanted to mention this because while there is still Hollywood stuff to be righteously angry about, it's not all bad. Then again for those that do bitch, I expect them to have thoroughly researched the origins of a character that wears yellow armor and has way too many straps and pouches. If you're going to throw up examples, you should at least know about them more than a simple google search will give you.

I mean, you only started to care about Avatar when white people started to get cast in it so that you could get pissed off about something? That's actually a little lame, noble, but lame.

Personally, I got a little giddy that Scott Adkins is going to be in the movie.


  1. This is kind of like the black actor replacing the white character in the G.I. Joe movie. To me it's no big deal. There's some characters that their race (in my mind) is closely tied to their character and others where it's not important at all. Maverick really could be anyone.

  2. Kinda my point. Unless it's tied to the race, say Black Panther, it's not really relevant.

    I stumbled across one of those blog posts about who was cast in Wolverine, and they had up next to a picture of Wraith because he's playing John Wraith. And the picture wasn't of John "Kestrel" Wraith, but of Wraith, the guy from Annihilation Conquest. That's awesome fact checking right there.