Friday, March 6, 2009

Who Watches?

I wouldn't say that I've been following the Watchmen production closely, but I've been keeping track when things happened. While it just came out today, the opening credit sequence has been uploaded by yU+Co, the company that did them. Around five and a half minutes long, it's one of the most impressive sequences I've seen in a long time. All the details are right, although some stuff is literal as opposed to implied as in the original comics.

As this is The Asian Americanist, one of the writers of the script is Alex Tse (who is Asian):

Though he didn't have a lot of credits to his name, he did have a good relationship with Warner Bros. Some hard work and a little luck, and he was able to get to write the thing. Which is also cool, although it doesn't really matter if he's Asian-American or not.

If it's a good script, then they got the right guy. If not, then they didn't. But, it works like that for most movies I'd imagine.

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