Sunday, March 1, 2009

Girls who like to pursue unavailable men

Everybody has known or met at least one girl with one or more of the below traits (I will give further details on each of the traits below):
  • 30+ years old
  • all their other friends are taken (i.e.-in a relationship)
  • Haven't had a relationship in 3-5 years
Watch your back around these type of girls. Everyday they are most likely reminded that they are 30+ years old and still single. I guarantee that they are also getting pressure from family to get married. Given this, they will stop at nothing to get a man, even if they are unavailable. These type of girls are especially dangerous because their biological clock is ticking and most likely, as you read this, several of her eggs have already dried up so they are in a special rush to snag anybody with no regard to whether or not he is even available in the first place, and if he is not, they will stop at nothing to try and sway his mind that she would be better for him than his current significant other.

What surprises me is that most of these girls are either unattractive, have drab office jobs staring at paperwork all day and probably have a personality just short of flatlining. BUT, what surprises me most, is that your significant other actually doesn't see these traits. Doesn't he once take a second to ponder..hmmm...I wonder why this girl is 30+ years old and still single. Like really, don't you take one second to wonder, there must be something wrong with this girl? I mean, if she was THAT GREAT, don't you think she would have been snagged by now? So for you guys out there who seem to get an ego boost from getting attention from these ugly girls, think about for one second, why she is still single and don't come crying back home when she goes Fatal Attraction style on you and boils your rabbit.

As a special message to these girls, if you do keep pursuing unavailable men, get a grip and stop being so desperate. Try online dating or something. But most importantly, I guarantee there is something wrong with you in the first place, because if there wasn't, it wouldn't be so hard for you to find somebody. Go read a self-help book or something. And if you do somehow manage to successfully steal another girl's boyfriend, I hope somebody comes and kicks you in the babymaker. Don't be so desperate and keep continuing to try and pursue a guy who just isn't available. Karma is a bitch.


  1. This is why I never bring them back to my place.

  2. "kicks you in the babymaker"? Ouch. That's why I keep my vajayjay covered, and why I haven't turned 30 yet.