Sunday, March 1, 2009

Moderately Perturbed Asian Man

Since this site wasn't set up until now, this is a little late. By now I'm sure that 35.6% of bloggers have already weighed in on the Miley Cyrus Asian controversy. By which I mean, the fact that someone is suing Miley Cyrus for four BIIIIILLLLIOOOOON dollars. That's like $4,000 per Asian person in LA County.

Although, four thousand dollars buys a lot of Asian porn. Just sayin'.

This is the picture in question:

Now, the whole slanty eyes with the fingers thing is moronic. And, this is no contest because the second guy from the left totally wins at best impression. But, without further context, like say Miley refusing to work with Asians (she worked with Brenda Song), this is less a case of racism as it is Miley being a stupid kid.

Stupid because the thing is dumb and she allowed it to be photographed. And kid because kids rag on each other over anything and everything. Race being an easy target, doesn't make them racist. Hell, I've seen guys rag on each other being gay as much as I've seen the same guys talk about doing other guys. It's what kids do.

Honestly, there are issues that one, Asian or not, should get angry about, but this isn't one of them. Miley Cyrus is being singled out because she's rich (probably not four billion dollars rich though). I mean, it's not like the guy second from the left is getting sued. Lucie J. Kim isn't helping anyone.

I mean, clearly Miley isn't racist towards Asians:

Or else her friends have gotten a lot better at impersonations.

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