Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

Remember rap? Or hip-hop? Admittedly I was never too into that scene, sorry AP yellow parka wearing douchebags, you were always losers. And taking pride in your race will never make you not a loser. Your parents drop you into a house by yourselves with no supervision because they're still back in Asia and you occupy your time trying to act hard and gangsta? You were richer than I was motherfucker, what kind of hustling did you ever have to do? Fuck you. And fuck you Dat Phan, just because.

Remember how rap used to be edgy and cool? How the blacks, or African-Americans, to not be offensive, made this "Against the Man" music that was different from what the mainstream was listening to. It really spoke to those downtrodden, I imagine typically urban, kids, that's what I get from one of VH1's documentaries at least. Anyway, the kids weren't necessarily black, but let's face it, how many white rappers were there in the early days? And Beastie Boys don't count. They started as a punk group.

And, they're Jewish.

Anyway, rap has become like a big fuck you to black people. No really. What's one of the most popular rap/hip-hop songs right now? "I Love College."


Yeah, instead of talking of hustling, how life be all hard and shit, and/or pimping, rap is now about how awesome college is. Because it is. Sex and booze and drugs (weed only), but with people that actually can put themselves together long enough to make a noon class. To be fair, that shit ain't easy.

Oh, and the video has a scene with beer pong in it.

It's like the Man took all the gritty and hard aspects of rap and hip-hop and turned it on its head as a big FU to black people. Know how the main consumers are surbuban white kids? Yeah, this is the next step. Suburban white kids making rap. Rap is now safe.

And this guy is the face of it:

I'm not black nor white, but I am sorry. I am so very sorry. For you black people.

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  1. It's so sad. However, I predict that in five years, Asher Roth, like Soulja Boy, will be a distant memory.

    Also, it is okay to call us "black people." Because not all black people are African, American, or African-American. Some are Jamaican or British, too. :)